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In the summer, once every 20 days, animals are treated with pyrethroids (stomazan, K-otrin, butox, ectomine and other drugs according to buy avapro online for their use). In agricultural enterprises, private household plots and peasant farms where stall keeping of animals is practiced, first the larvae fall out for pupation and until the end, manure is regularly removed, stored and subjected to biothermal disinfection.

The main causes of infection that cause hypodermatosis in cattle include the territorial location of irbesartan pills, the climate of the area, as well as the density of animals on pastures. The beginning of the development of hypodermatosis can be observed already in the first warm days of spring. Indeed, it is during this period that subcutaneous gadflies lay about 800 eggs throughout the body of cattle. But, most often, for reproduction, these insects choose the hairy parts - the stomach, chest, less often - the groin and udder.

Hypodermatosis of cattle. than cows are afraid of subcutaneous gadflies. The danger of subcutaneous gadflies (string, esophagus) lies in the fact that they live almost throughout the country, so it is very difficult to avoid cattle infection. Adult female gadflies look like a bumblebee, and the causative agents of hypodermatosis are larvae, 3 cm long and about 1.5 cm thick.

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4-5 days after laying, the eggs hatch into 1st stage larvae, penetrating the body of avapro pills and moving towards the spinal cord, where they pass into the 2nd stage for 6-9 months. After this period, the larvae enter the back area. There they create capsules for the final transformation into 3rd stage larvae, which generally lasts from 17 to 43 days. After the end of these processes, the larvae come out and after 1-3 days turn into pupae.

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Cattle intuitively feel the approach of gadflies and during this period the following signs may be observed. To diagnose cattle hypodermatosis, cows should be periodically examined from March to September inclusive. Palpation is carried out along the entire back, from the neck to the sacrum.0

It is difficult for a farmer who does not have special training to determine the disease, but the most characteristic symptom that may indicate the presence of hypodermatosis of the subcutaneous gadfly is the nodules on the back. Based on the results of the examination, antiparasitic drugs for treatment can be prescribed, for example, pharmacin, ivermectim, ivomek, hypodectin and others.

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